quinta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2014


Yesterday I travelled by public transportation as it is my habit. While looking out of the window during one of the stops, I noticed a beautiful blonde girl. She noticed me too and almost during the whole of the waiting time we kept gazing at each other. She didn’t smile and neither did I.

It may seem insane but, the beauty of the girl and the thought that I would probably never see her again, caused in me a sudden and intense desire to step out and talk to her. Although that was the only way that I could ever get to meet her, I know that if I had done it she would probably think that I was crazy. So, I did the only thing that I had left to do, moving on and forgetting about her.

However, I can’t stop thinking that It seems equally insane to NOT have talked to her. Couldn’t I have gotten out of the vehicle? After all, my drive wasn’t urgent. Would anyone censure me? Would it somehow be offensive to the girl for me to take such action? After reasoning about all these questions, it seems more ridiculous to have done nothing.

Opportunities are like the wind, they come and go, without warning and unexpectedly, some are more subtle than others and each one is unique and precious. Who knows? That might had been my future wife, but now I’ll never know...

Breno Sarranheira.

2 comentários:

  1. Breno realmente temos que aproveitar as oportunidades quando vem, Bruno obrigada pela sua visita, Breno já sigo o seu blog, se você não faz parte do meu venha fazer ficarei muito feliz com sua presença,abraços.
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    1. Pode ter certeza que passarei a fazer parte. Tenho o maior prazer em interagir com quem demonstra carinho para comigo e meu trabalho. Mais uma vez querida, me desculpa a demora para retribuir a visita. Sabe como é, adiamos as coisas e a nossa cabeça vai ficando cheia dos problemas do dia a dia e nos esquecemos do que temos a fazer. Abraço :)


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