sábado, 20 de setembro de 2014


A long time ago I was "blessed",
and "gifted" with a heart,
but while I was still taken over by joy,
I was severely advised:

"Watch it and be careful,
it is a fool and doesn't understand what it sees,
be wise and keep it under control,
or it will control you."

Disregarding the advise given,
I gave it to the first girl I found,
and while I was waiting to be loved,
I witnessed this macabre scene:

Like if it was a jewel,
very solemnly I delivered it,
like with a baby that sleeps,
very lightly I put it in her hands.

And what followed is hard for me to say,
for my heart she took,
with a despize that I can't describe,
and trampled under her feet.

And now what do I have to offer?
For my heart I have already wasted,
but even if I could get another,
I wouldn't want it because I don't know how to wield it.

Breno Sarranheira.

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