sábado, 20 de setembro de 2014


Loneliness is...

to have your meal by yourself,
philosophize about life,
not be able to say "good morning" to anyone;

to never turn off the television,
stay at home in a beautiful sunny day,
never receive that caress.

Loneliness is...

to never share your joys,
be alone even in a crowd,
forget even how to smile;

to never be able walk while holding hands,
your love never declare to any one,
transmit your emotions by poems.

Loneliness is...

to not be pleased with your life anymore,
weep in your bed every night,
retain severe agony in your bones;

to walk in this land only as a shadow,
not endure the passing of time,
waiting for the love that one day you dreamed of.

Breno Sarranheira

Imagem: wkc.org/loneliness-and-the-biblical-psalms/

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