quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2014

I know

I know that I should not weep for the past,
that a heart still beats inside of my chest.
That all the pains will one day be no more,
and things we’ll be much better than before.

I know that the sorrows must one day end,
Sooner or later this will come to be.
That the heartaches that in my mind still stand,
Shall no longer come back to torment me.

I know that these wounds we’ll one day be healed,
if one waits the time that is necessary.
That this sadness will eventually yield,
Even it now it seems like the contrary.

I know that I’ll find a love that is true,
a person to make me happy indeed.
That will give the endearment to me due,
For that’s all that I continue to plead.

But even as I know all of this,
I’m still not able to have any peace.
For knowing all that is not very hard,
What’s hard is to get it inside my heart.

Breno Sarranheira.

Image: artoflivingsecrets.com

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