quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2014


Happiness is the destiny of fools and the road of the wise.

Many think that there is a way to happiness. So they go, partner after partner, house after house, job after job and are still not happy.

It is not their fault really. Since childhood they heard that happiness was a destiny, a finish line for the persevering or a spoil of war for the strong. Nothing could be further from the truth.

People think that happiness is a treasure inside a chest, which they can open with the key of owning a house, marriage, career, etc. The problem is that they don’t understand that happiness is the key! It opens the chests of success, love and so on. Isn’t it more probable for a worker with a cheerful persona? In the choosing of a partner, isn’t it more attractive someone with a smile in their lips?

A good start to be happy is to be grateful for what you already have. I know that sometimes it can be hard to identify the good things we have in life. If that’s so in your case, think of what you would miss if you lost, such as your health, your relatives, your life or even the simple meal of the day. Certainly you’ll see something to be grateful for.

So remember: happiness is lived, not achieved. When you realize that it is not where you want to get, but how you want be wherever is that you go, then you’ll be free to be happy.

Breno Sarranheira.

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