segunda-feira, 4 de agosto de 2014

To forget

There is a famous phrase that goes more or less like this: “Nothing engraves something so strongly in the mind than trying to forget”.

To forget. It is something apparently simple yes? Although, its power is so incommensurable that is out of the reach of us mortals. Which of us doesn’t have memories that we would like to forget? Memories that bring us regret, remorse, sadness or feelings of guilt? We all do, each one of us.

However, it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to have the power to get rid of bad memories. Why? Because such capacity could be used for nefarious ends. Imagine the horror that would follow if human beings didn’t have memories of their bad actions and of the regret that comes with them. They wouldn’t learn with their mistakes and would inexorably walk to disastrous results.

However…I confess…there are things that I intensely wished to not remember. For now, there is only one thing to do…trying to forget.

- Celso Santos

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