terça-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2013

Voice of the mind

Are you breathing? Of course you are. However, it is likely that you weren’t thinking about it until I called your attention. The same thing happens to our thoughts.

We are constantly thinking and doing it is as vital as breathing. The thoughts are divided into two groups: the ones we can express through words and gestures and those we can only try to do it with our eyes.

Gazing is truly a fascinating thing. It is the most plain form o communication between human beings. Words mess things up, they are ambiguous and hollow. The eyes however are sincere, sometimes even too much, (who has never been embarrassed by being caught looking at somebody, because they knew that their eyes had already said all that they were thinking?) leaves nothing to be said, does not lie. There is nothing more wonderful and frustrating than trying to tell someone how much we love them with our eyes. When we do it we’re really saying our minds.

It is not by no reason that when saying goodbye, in the final moments, when the heart bleeds love, people don’t talk but just look into each other’s eyes. It is not that they don’t have anything to say, no, far from that, but what they say, they say with their souls, and what speaks isn’t the mouth but the eyes. And believe me, they say more than we could ever imagine.

How many couples would be formed if it was possible to hear the beautiful thoughts of affection that occur in the other person’s mind? How many insecurities would be placated? How many friends would become brothers?

Therefore, next time you need to say what’s on your mind and you can’t find the words, do not be troubled. That dumb and silly look is already saying everything that the other person needs to hear.

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