sexta-feira, 26 de abril de 2013


                Have you ever taken a wrong turn while driving? Probably yes, after all it is a common mistake. What if I told you that a wrong turn has changed the face of the planet? Impossible, a lie? But it isn't.

                It happened on the town of Sarajevo, on the 28th of June, 1914. The driver of the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the archduke Frans Ferdinand, took a wrong turn during Francis's visit of the town. After realizing his mistake, he stopped the car to analyse the situation. That put Francis Ferdinand face to face with Gravilo Princip, one of the terrorists who had planed the archduke's assassination during his visit of Sarajevo. Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were shot instantly. Their deaths were the sparkle that lead to World War One. How "trivial" that wrong turn turned out to be! Of course this is an isolated incident, but it is still amazing what a small triviality was able to cause.
                The conclusion of all this? Nothing is trivial, so enjoy all moments of life, the important and the trivial ones. Never refuse a friendly talk, a hug, the chance to meet someone new. Who knows? It might change your life...
                PS: for the love of God, don't ever take a wrong turn!

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