quinta-feira, 25 de abril de 2013

To make plans

                To make plans. Is it a wise or futile thing to do? Life has a mean habit of frustrating the plans we make. How many times did we plan to go to the beach and it rained. How many times did we plan to make a long awaited visit to a relative or friend and couldn't?
                To plan is an ilusion. It is a mental action based on the presumption that things will happen according to our expectations. In reality, we are totally at the mercy of a multitude of variables, completely defenseless. For us to try to anticipate something is as futile as for a mouse in a maze to try to anticipate which path leads to the exit. This takes him nowhere. He doesn't have the knowledge of what lies ahead on his path and has no way to do so. The only thing he can do is keep moving foward. The same applies to us.

                If we concentrate ourselves on a future problem, we will soffer it everyday. If we concentrate in something we want on the future, we will soffer anxiety every day, and perhaps even frustration if it doesn't come to pass. After taking this into account, the complete fulfillment of our plans is such a rare thing, that to plan at all is of no value in my mind. There is a difference however between planing and preventing. To prevent, that is, to take pratical measures against future problems or unexpected situations is always a wise thing to do. That is not what I am reffering to, the point I was addressing was excessive worry.
                I must finnish this post. I had some chores planned for today, but now I'm worried that I won't be able to do them...

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