sexta-feira, 19 de abril de 2013

To look back

                To look back. It is like scratching a bug bite. You have an uncontrollable feeling to do so, and when you finally do it, that feeling only increases. It is like if we tried to take a picture of someone with our eyes. Unconsciously we convince ourselves that if we look at them enough times we will form a mental image to which we can return whenever we want to remember them.
                To look back is a compliment. We use a share of our time and attention solely and exclusively to marvel at someone's sight.
                To look back is an art. It has to be done with graciousness e dexterity so as to not ruin the moment, especially if we are lucky enough for our look to be responded. One can even express the love it feels for someone else by looking back.

                To look back is a game. The rules are: wait a few seconds after passing by the person, look only a few times, only for a few seconds. We all know, however, that very often we don't play by the rules.
                To look back is a mistery. We never know if the other person look back as well, unless if we see them doing it. Still, some doubts remain in the air. For how long was she looking at me? How many times did she look? Why did she do it?

                Well, that was the subject of the day, I hope you all enjoyed it. Feel free to send me messages if you want, I'll do all I can to answer you all. You can also sugest subjects for future posts.

                 How about you? Have you look back today? Did the other person looked back also? Maybe they did, perhaps even before you, perhaps more often, for longer, and you'll never know...

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