segunda-feira, 22 de abril de 2013

To live

                Life. According to science, for something to be considered a living being it must be organism that is born, grows, develops the ability to reproduce and dies. That is very accurate when applied to bacterias, plants and animals, but by no means when applied to human beings.
                As opposite to all other forms of life, Men has not only the necessities to eat, drink and be sheltered, but he also needs to feel loved. It is not something that can be neglected, no, it is absolutely indispensable for life. It's possible to survive without love, but not to live without it. What's the difference? Well, to survive it's enough to maintain intact your vital functions, but living implies to enjoy life, to feel alive.

                For human beings it is not enough to occupy space in this world, for even stones do that. We have to feel, not know, that our presence is prized, that our feelings are important.
                No one lives for himself. The world's beauty forces us to have someone to contemplate it with. If we realise that there is no one who wants are love or wants to give theirs to us, we are no more alive than those who sleep in the tombs.

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