quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2013


                Saudade. It is a powerful word. I was once told that it is exclusive to the portuguese language, originated from the Age of Discovery. It is said that it was used to define the profound loneliness that the coloners endured in a far away land and the pain that they felt for those that had been left behind.

                If that is true, then I pity does who don't speak portuguese. They don't have the appropriate expression for the feeling we have when we are a continent away from those we love. Or for when what separates us from them isn't distance in space but in time, on those cases where they have already fallen asleep in death.

                Saudade is like thirst, it exists for our protection. It impedes us from being away from our loved ones too much. Also, just like thirst, it must be satiated, otherwise we would start to languish and would eventually die. Allthough "saudade" isn't an universal term, the feeling it represents is. We all have already either felt it or been a reason for other to feel it. Now excuse me for I'm going to talk to my father online. I have "saudades" of him.

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