terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

Regret and doubt

                "I should have...". That phrase is always accompanied by negative feelings. The regret that I will analise however, is that of not having done something due to fear.
                Once more nature teaches us great lessons. In certain species, when it is mating season, the males will simply approach the females and try to impress them. The difference them and we is that animals aren't shy, they don't get nervous, in fact, they don't even think twice before expressing their interest for members of their own species.

                When rejected they don't get embarrassed or depressed, no, they just continue looking for a mate. Can someone imagine a bird sad and depressed for being rejected, afraid of approaching another female? Of course not. That very thought seems ridiculous doesn't it? If even birds don't fear persisting to look for happiness, why should we?
                Things would be a lot simpler if we imitated them in this aspect. How many times did we let ourselves be paralyzed by doubts such as: "Should I say hello to her? Should I speak to her? Should I call her? Should I tell her what I feel?" However, to use fear as a barrier against pain and disappointment is foolishness, because, after we give into it, doubt and regret are quick to tear us apart.
                So don't be afraid to take chances. A miner works hard and for long until he finds gold, but when he does, he forgets about his pains and is overwhelmed with joy. All his efforts are worth it.

                Remember that the other person may also be afraid, so take the initiative. I once saw a phrase which said: "A man does not exist until his voice is heard", so make your voice be heard. If you are not successfull, remember: If someone doesn't value your feelings, then they don't deserve them.

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