domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Fathers and sons

                I can not help but to feel happy everytime I see a father playing with his son. It's absolutely magical the bond that is created between them. I get mesmerized by this. It is one of the most beautiful ocasions that someone can witness.

                A good father does his utmost to always be loving, understanding, patient, forgiving, suporting, available, etc. Above all a father must be an exemple for his child.
                There is nothing new in this world. Everything that is, was and will be again. We only do what we see being done. Just like speaking and walking, good habits must are things that are learned. Learning however, isn't something that only happens when the individual is tought, but it can also happen by observation. That is why it is vital for a father to be an exemple for his son, for him to demonstrate first hand the qualities that he whishes his son should have.
                If you demonstrate by actions love, kindness, justice, patient, mercy, generosity, moderation and wisdom, it is probable that you children will do the same.

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